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My publisher, Mascot Books, encourages authors to think local. His advice has paid off for me. Follow the link to his blog for his thoughts on this subject.



My Ten Favorite Things to do when I was 6

1. Swimming in “my day of the week” underwear

2. Licking the spoon when my mom baked cookies

3. Jumping in rain puddles

4. Digging in the dirt to make mud pies for giants

5. Catching fireflies and putting them in jars to light up my room

6. Sitting my mom’s lap while she read my favorite book

7. Flying kites near the beach

8. Playing jump rope

9. Sandcastles

10. Checking, as many books as I could carry, out of the library

What were your top ten things?


The Nature Principle in Palos Verdes


A year ago, I leaned on the wall behind Point Vicente Interpretive Center, took out my binoculars, and scanned the ocean for grey whales.  I watched the sun shimmer off the water and playful dolphins skim the waves not far from shore. Above me, a flock of pelicans flew in a straight line. And then a grey whale breached!

Driving home, I thought about the natural beauty of the peninsula and how fortunate our children are to live here. I decided to write P is for Palos Verdes, an alphabet book, encouraging them to explore the wonders of Palos Verdes from A to Z.

Today’s children have lots of stress. They’re driven everywhere–school, sports, lessons and play dates. Their lives are closely supervised and little time is spent outside in the natural world.

Yet here we have an unbelievable place for parents and children to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.  And when children grow up with a love and understanding of their environment, they develop a sense of personal responsibility to care for it.